Researching existing practices and those of most successful competitors helps us better understand the nature of your business and your products or services.

Creating a successful growth strategy for a business often requires an objective eye and a unique approach. Implementing a proven system can dramatically increase revenues.

We can work with your existing web and marketing team or take over the reigns and make any necessary changes at our firm. Even if we need to start from scratch.

Collecting data from all campaigns allows us to run comparative tests to see which metrics are performing best and allows us to focus resources to the best earners.

So how should you take action?

I heard it’s easy to Make Money Online

Many people are under the belief that it’s easy to make money using internet marketing. The truth is it takes an effective strategy with an expert team at the helm. You can’t take the “Field of Dreams” approach. “If you build it, they won’t just come!” Here’s a list of some of the typical challenges your business may face marketing online.

Lots of Competition

It's not just your local competitors anymore. You're competing against the whole world now.

Hard To Stand Out

With so many competitors competing for only 10 spots on the front page of search results it can be hard to stand out

Finding Qualified Prospects

With everyone bidding on the same traffic sources getting qualified prospects to your site can be costly.

Tough to Convert Prospects

Once you get a prospect to your page you need to convince them to convert into a paying customer or at least provide there contact info

Technical Barriers

Making websites, running servers and tracking analytics can be a tough challenge for someone who just wants to run their business.

Time Consuming

Tracking data, updating social media, blogging, and brainstorming new campaign ideas requires a large time investment in addition to your daily business routines

6 Common Problems

when working with our competitors

Not having a starting game plan based on a proven system is like driving without a destination. You’ll end up somewhere, but it’s not likely to be where you wanted to go. Course correction can be costly on your two most important resources time and money.

There are many people doing web design these day, but not all of them have a great track record. I’ve heard many horror stories from new clients about their old web guy.

Hiring your nephew to build a website may sound like a great idea to save money. Tell me the story again about how many millions of dollars in product your nephew sold online from his mother’s basement?

Sometimes you just need a simple change in a hurry but your old web guy is no where to be found. Seems he always picks the worst time to go on vacation. They’re off enjoying a rum cocktail while your site is down and losing money.

Some internet marketing firms mean well, but just give you plain terrible advice that can actually hurt your business rather than help it.

I am continually amazed by the price quotes I hear from my competitors. Interesting fact, the website was contracted for nearly $700 million. I know a few nerds who would’ve locked themselves in a room for a month for 1/100th of that contract.

Learn About Our Process

How we do it


We’ll examine what your team is currently doing, figuring out what your current positions, margins, successes and failures are will help us shape a growth program


whether it’s looking to source cheaper production elements to increase margins or discovering your competitors best kept secrets our research team is competent and capable of finding new opportunity


Planning our strategy down to the very last detail provides us with realistic expectations of our growth campaigns. Don’t try and operate blind.


Once we have a solid plan, there may be some elements that need to be put in place; New landing pages, email marketing campaigns, ad copy and graphics, etc. On Q Media handles all the heavy lifting.


The last place a business looks to grow their business is their current customer base. We’ll present your new offers to your current customer base to extract profits at the start of the campaign. In virtually every case this step recoups any fees clients have paid to us.


Once you have a solid plan built on sound research and the bricks of development have been laid lets execute the plan. Open the flood gates and start sending that traffic.


Every piece of relevant data (and some thats not) is tracked throughout the lifetime of your campaign. This data allows us to see trends, and pitfalls in a campaign in real time so we can fine tune everything for maximized effect and minimal redundancy and risk.


Once we have something thats working, lets make it bigger. Scaling up our best producers vertically until they plateau and then horizontally expanding our product lines and offers helps us destroy our competition.

Market Research

We discover what the most successful people in your industry are doing.

List Building

Give your prospects a valuable reason to give you their contact information.

Converting Prospects

Proven sales copy to sell your product or service is key to converting prospects.


Increasing Transaction Value

Extend your offer with upsells, cross sales and bundles.

Increase Frequency

The most successful businesses have a continuing sales model for their customers.

Retain Clients

Keeping customers happy is key to making them your customer exclusively for life.

some projects we’ve had the privelage to work on

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Customer Testimonials

  • On Q Media, helped us cut through all the BS surrounding internet marketing. He’s our go to guy when helping our clients find new ways to get more customers quickly

    Miguel CuevasCEO of San Diego EMarketing
  • After a few minutes discussing a marketing plan with Matt, I knew my company was in good hands to move forward. He implemented a solid easy to follow marketing plan.

    Mike WalshOwner of Native NY
  • On Q Media was able to build my online presence faster and cheaper than any other company I had spoken to. Shortly after my website was built new customers started finding my business and my client base grew quickly from a result of their marketing efforts.

    Jeremy GouldPresident of Infectious Connections
  • I worked with On Q Media on a Social Media Marketing campaign for my business and saw immediate results in likes,views,etc to my business Facebook page and YouTube videos which in turn increased online traffic to my website.

    James KnightPresident of
  • Simple, Quick, Beautiful and Effective are the 4 adjectives I would use to describe working with On Q Media

    Craig CohenOwner of The Best Paw Forward
  • We’ve been working with On Q Media for several years for web design and marketing. Due to the nature of our industry we are always needing changes done quickly. On Q Media takes our deadlines seriously and gets our work finished on time even on short notice.

    Vincent GriecoPresident of First Hand Tickets
  • I tried other companies at great expense, trust me talk to Matt before signing with anyone else. Their web work is second to none and their honest consultations will keep you focused on the right path.

    Frank PrimianoPresident of Wow Really Bro, LLC
it’s time to

meet the creative team

Matthew Ruderman

Supreme Ruler

A habit of taking things apart to learn how they work grew into a passion for backwards engineering of website algorithms. Matthew is also a go-karting enthusiast.

Adam Nicholls

Technical Overlord

15 Years of experience in web programming and development. Adam is a member of the Long Island beard and mustache society.

Liston Peoples

Special Ops

Liston has been a valuable member of the On Q Media staff since September of 2012. He is also an intense pancake aficionado.

Kevin Saturno


Kevin is a competent board member and a natural leader. His work building several other successful businesses in the area make him a key asset to our team.

Some of the Services we offer

we can help you in the following areas

Ecommerce Consultant

Make use all of the tools and tricks in our arsenal to help you navigate the tough decisions and rocket your online sales into the stratosphere.

Web Development

Having a beautiful website as the online storefront of your business is an important part of building a strong online presence.

Sales Training

Now that you’re capturing a lot of prospects you’ll need the skills to turn them into paying customers. From sales copy, to phone scripts and sales coaching we’ll help you close more.


Everything from logo design to reputation management, we can help you shape your brand into a household name.

Digital Marketing

Just having a website is only a small part of the battle, you need to make sure people can actually find it, and when they do that it converts them into customers.

Mobile Development

With mobile use increasing exponentially making sure your online strategy is cohesive with mobile technology is no longer an option it’s mandatory.

Technical Prowess


Find what's working


Plan for Success


Lay the Groundwork


Tune Up and Scale Up

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